CMB su ATM a wordo geskim

Tin un video circulando riba social media unda ta mira dos persona ta desmantela un ekipo sofestica pa horta ATM, asina yama skimming.

E video aki ta na CMB Boulevard, pues na e ATM di CMB na Boulevard.

Cuanto victima por tin di e robo aki ainda no ta conoci,  maske cu ta ser bisa cu e ATM nan aki ta bon protehi.

Sinembargo varios banco tambe a kere cu nan ATM ta protegi,  te ora cu clientenan a cuminza mira movecion stranjo riba nan bank statements y haya falta di placa.

E video aparentemente ta di e hefenan di CMB hunto cu security cu a bay controla y detecta cosnan stranjo.

Asosacion di Banconan lo mester reacciona riba e situacion aki.  Diasabra merdia hopi ATM tabata down y kisas ta pe alarma di skimming aki.

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  1. We should not surrender to fear: who ever is making bad choices, stealing and scamming ought to be caught and pay up. Maybe KIA should up grade it’s system: make people do hard work for what they cause, make them build more “suits” for future visitors. My opinion: those who do wrong, should pay with hard labor, so they can feel what they steel from those who work hard for their money.

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